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I went to the library today and although I didn't find any money floating around, seeing this delightful arbor made from old doors was another kind of treat. It is really beautiful in the summer with vines and blooming flowers. This family has several other artsy displays with antiques in their yard. Kind of gives you Spring Fever.
Today's button: Loose a DOLLAR where someone else will find it. The quote: "If you die with a dollar in your pocket, you've made a dollar too much." - Pappy at the Old Mill flea market. Journal question: What is your definition of wealth?

I think I will leave my dollar at one of those McDonalds that have a place for the kids to play. They would be excited to find some folding money. Shoot, I remember I got excited seeing a bill blow across a busy highway, turned the vehicle around, parked and chased it down. . . .it was only $1. But, I have found other money. Recently, $20 on the casino floor. Another time, years ago in Las Vegas, several bills ($100) again on the casino floor. Should I have held it up and said, "Did someone loose this?" I really think whoever it belonged to was walking through, put money in their pocket and when they removed their hand, the money fell out. They were long gone by the time they realized it was missing. Once, while i was working at a casino, a young lady turned in a bucket of tokens she had found abandoned on a machine. She was asked to leave the bucket for so many days to see if anyone reported loosing their tokens. They did not. She came back the required time later, no one had claimed the money and they gave the tokens to her. ......almost $300. Are we all that careless with our cash? I guess it pays to keep your eyes open.

For example, not long ago, three Indiana state highway workers picking up trash along I-70 found a little something extra inside an abandoned tire: more than $100,000 in cash. http://www.indy.com/posts/indiana-highway-workers-find-100-000-in-abandoned-tire
By the way, a definition of True Wealth that I connect with is: True Wealth = time to do what you want to do with no money worries It fits with another of my beliefs: Time is the only thing we have of value.
So, Sieze the Day

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  1. I think your idea of putting a dollar where someone can find it is priceless -- and I am going to start doing just that -- I also got a big kick out of the arbor made from 2 old doors -- CLEVER with a capital C