You think you have problems. . . . .

. . . . .the lady on the left has problems. Yes, I have the garage in order. I spent all day yesterday clearing out my craft closet, organizing supplies and secretly LOOKING for my supply of beach glass. No luck. I will continue my search in the barn where the lady at left resides. I capitalized LOOKING because I spend soooo much time looking for things. Perhaps if I were more organized, did less moving, paid attention to what I was doing, had fewer places to look, or just had less stuff I could spend more time creating and less time searching and maintaining.
It's time for me to get it in gear, head to the barn and begin the spring cleaning there. I only hope I don't get side tracked by all the wonderful things beginning to sprout in my yard. I plan to make and drink nettle tea this year ala Susun Weed. I just got a newsletter from her site and found this link Wise Woman Talking Stick Blog where I could spend too much time. I really enjoyed the comment about a GW Degree.
Another fun place to visit was sent to me by my friend Melanie. Check this out if you really want to know what's going on. http://www.lemondrop.com/ Hope I can figure out how to post links to these permanently on my blog. I did it! The links are on the right....now I can waste more valuable time (yes, the only thing we have of value) on the internet.
Sieze the day!

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