The life of a gypsy, hmmmm.........

The gypsy life is starting to have a little more appeal to me. Didn't they have everything they owned in a wagon, play music, dance and camp under the stars? Well, being a responsible tax paying, homeowning, blah, blah, blah isn't what it used to be.

I've spent most of the day sorting papers and organizing. I have my info ready to go to the tax preparer and am afraid I will have to pay this year. I also received my annual letter saying it is time to raise my health insurance premium. YIKES.....I pay $340 a month now, but they want $409! (I am also getting all my insurance info together, having another agent check it out.) I put together some spreadsheets to track my expenses and hopefully make tax time easier next year. But, really, I don't think it was such a good idea.....In plain black and white, for one little old lady:

Insurance premiums = $8,320 (farm,homeowners, car and health)

Taxes on property = $5414 (doesn't include 2nd half of farm paid Jan 09) - more of course when you count IRS and State taxes

Propane for farm = $2,716 (it's freezing cold in this house even after the $5000 spent on new windows) electric bill not included here, so add more

Heat & Utilities for house in Aurora = $2000 (will it ever sell?)

That's right. . .$16,450 up in heat fumes, taxes, and insurance..........not one little thing to show for any of this money. Not even a candy bar!

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