Everyday objects as art

The object on the left is made from recycled materials - bottle caps and tops, copper wire and recycled materials. It is part of a group exhibition on display at the Indianapolis Art Center.
In fact, they are looking for a name for this piece: Please help us name this piece. Give us your suggestions for a title and feel free to write a story about the artwork and place in the donation box at the front entrance. The title will be chosen by the donors. Thanks!
I thought about going to see what was being created from everyday objects, reused or recycled materials, but from the looks of the other featured items at the website Indianapolis Art Center: Exhibitions - it may not be the kind of repurposed items that interest me.
My trip to the Indianapolis Museum of Art earlier this year, was very enjoyable and I hope to return to visit the garden area this summer. Since I truly love the Native American influence, I would like to visit the Eiteljorg, too.
The quote for today: "Each painting has its own way of evolving. . . when the painting is finished, the subject reveals itself." William Baziotes. I've been looking at the work of art above and waiting for something to reveal itself. I see a face, but don't we see faces in everything? Journal Question: Are you willing to be a work in process?

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  1. I see a face, also, in that piece of artwork -- but then I see faces in my bathroom floor, on the tree trunks around my house, clouds, and I could go on -- a name for that artwork? Let's see .... ETERNITY -- that's how long all that recycled stuff will be around!