Houston (or somebody) we have a problem. . . . .

That is my water bottle. Those are the disgusting Asian ladybugs that have become a real problem here in the US. Originally brought in by the agriculture industry to control pests (ahem), one only has to google Asian Ladybug to see all the disgusting details. These disgusting beetles are not only in Indiana, but everywhere. I found the following comments on the internet from disgusted people nationwide:

Hi I live in western ny aprox 42 miles from Buffalo NY and we have so many lady bugs inside. It is pretty pathetic when you have to cover every thing you are cooking on the stove, cover your soda etc. It seems we can kill all that we see and the next day more and more are back replaceing the dead ones and the windows with the sun are a meeting place for them and they love my cream color carpet in the living room also, the past few days the high was 13 degrees and that has not stopped them. I am so disgusted by them all.....Any Ideas please let me know, now that spring is around the corner I don't even want to think how many more we will have

We live in the pacific northwest and we have a huge ladybug issue . We even bug bombed our house in an effort to get rid of them, after the bomb (and the prescribed amount of time you are supposed to stay out of the house) it was literally raining ladybugs inside! GROSS! I swept them up and had a gallon bag of ladybugs. Gross! Sadly this did not take care of the problem and they are still abundant. HELP!

I live in Indiana now, and there were thousands of them around here!! Yes, they stink and bite. I have had them in my bed, and of course, that grosses me out. Crazy, I know, but I spray vinegar on my bed when that happens, and it seems to help. Vinegar is anti-bacterial too.My friends in Kentucky have them too, so they must be across the country!

Since I live on a farm, I am really a target. They are everywhere but rural areas are more susceptible. According to Sylvia Browne, there are no insects "over there". Now that's something to look forward to, huh?

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