Mom - decorate a hat. . . .

I was a little taken aback when the *button I picked for today said "Decorate a HAT". Why? Because today is my mother's birthday and anyone who knew her, knew she loved hats. I have boxes, and boxes of them to prove it. Old ones, very old ones, new ones, funny ones, beautiful ones - all kinds. She decorated the one in this photo to wear while touring - another pasttime - in one of the antique cars owned by her companion John E. Smith. This picture of her was taken in 1990, she passed away in 2001.

So, okay, Mom, I'll decorate a hat just for the fun of it. Thanks for coming through to me. Much love to you on your birthday.

*The button thing is related to Julia Cameron and the Artist's Way Creativity kit explained in an earlier post on 3/8/09.

My Hat in the next post. . .


  1. Happy Birthday to your dear mother -- another beauty! So glad she came through to you -- didn't she also come through last year and find something for you that you had been looking for? I keep thinking it was found in the glove compartment of some car. Or did I dream that? You are in my heart today as I know you miss your family dearly.

  2. Not a dream. . . the glove compartment is where I found the heart shaped diamond she had lost from her ring. The ring Dad had given her for their 25th anniversary. It had been misisng a couple years before she died. She had always promised to give it to me. I found it on the anniversary of my brother's death, found at the last minute. We actually had the car scheduled to be sold. I only looked in the glove box helping John Smith get some papers for ID because he had lost his drivers license that week. . . .and, there it was!

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