Spring is here. . . .

I am happy to say these two chores were completed Friday. I got the grass out front burned...I think the whole point of that is that it will die out in the center if it isn't burned. And the other photo is the window pane I fixed, the top right, so that pesky bird wouldn't be flying in there and leaving little packages all over everything. Further good news for me - I have the Bush Hog on my tractor and even went down to check the trees. Not many weeds yet, but I will be ready when they emerge. I also told the Forester guy to go ahead and spray. Haven't seen him yet. Sure hope all goes well there.
I've been refusing to deal with the pump situation hoping it would go away. I had told my renter to look for another place to live, but instead, he went on a vacation. The neighbor said he figured I'd fix it. Well, I am getting one more estimate, then typing him a letter saying rent is now $450 a month effective April 1st. We'll see how that goes.


  1. I think you should boot the rented, and then ask the Universe to send you a young woman in need of a place to stay in exchange for helping you with all your home improvements and gardening!

  2. What are you doing up on such a tall ladder??? YIKES! Be careful!