Shangrala shenanigans.............

This is not much of a picture. It's the result of another bad job that I had hired someone in good faith to do. Since I haven't posted for awhile, Lauren who I've emailed a couple times was kind enough to inquire how things were going. Well, I've been waiting for something good to happen! You know, "Don't say anything if you can't say something nice".......I'm attaching a copy of the email I started for her a couple days ago......Things since then have escalated to an outlay of another $1,850 cash for plumbing. I'll go into that another day. I wanted this journal to be kind of an artsy, spiritual thing. But it's hard to write lofty, idyllic things when you are constantly fighting for survival at the root level because you are being attacked by lying, cheating, scheming individuals. Don't say you get what you look for. I'm NOT looking or expecting this. That's why it keeps happening. I expect people to be honest, do what they say and it keeps NOT happening.....So, I guess my lesson this lifetime is YOU CAN'T TRUST ANYONE - not your husband, not your kids, not your neighbors, and definitely not the repairmen of the world. That just doesn't seem like the right message........ anyway, here's the email I sarted BEFORE the latest shenanigans......
Hi Lauren,
Thanks for asking about me. All is fine or should I say normal. I’ve kind of been waiting for something good to happen so I could write about that. I’m just in a funky mood - rain, rain, rain, leaky roof. This week it’s the house. I just had a new roof put on a little over 2 years ago - guarantee ran out at 2 years. do you think they did a good job? This picture of the wet, plaster cracked and ruined ceiling is in my bedroom.
Oh, the renter? He’s staying at $450 a month. He couldn’t find anything comparable at that kind of money. So, Over a week ago, I hired and paid a plumber $650 - first portion of job.. . . .it’s going to be more. He hasn’t been back to work on the problem. Wonder if he went to the casino to double his money. Actually, said someone vandalized his backhoe .......same old, same old here at the Shangra-la!
One more thing......Guy sprayed the trees a couple of weeks ago. ($1600 bill forthcoming) - - - We had all this rain forecast and I was concerned because some of the literature I’ve read mentioned that if certain chemicals gets in the roots through standing water, they can kill the trees. Note, this is 20 acres of trees and last year I paid $4,000 for trees, $6300 to have them planted. True I received some state grant money, etc; for participating in this wetland restoration program, however; they are expecting live trees. If the trees die, the state will be wanting everything back plus more...................(the money received through this grant thing affected my income to the tune of having to pay almost $8,000 in state and federal income taxes on April 15th. I love surprises) To continue the tree spraying story. . . . . .“:Nah, “ says the sprayer man, “it’s ok. Won’t hurt them.” He continues 2 days of spray, spray, spraying , right up until the time it begins to pour, rain........rain ........rain.......I won’t know the outcome of this “man procedure” for several weeks........or maybe months. Don’t know how long it will take for the trees to register any stress signs. I have my fingers crossed they will be fine like Mr. Man said.
So......today I a waiting on the roof repair man, the well repair man and the herds of people who will be descending on the farm in search of mushrooms. It’s that time of year, you know.
Seize the day,

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  1. Hey Christine. No one has ever written me a letter on their blog before. Cool!
    Sounds like you've got a "man" problem. Man renter, man repairers... What I don't understand, is if you want the renter gone, surely you have the right to kick him out whether or not he can find something "comparable". That sounds like a "his" problem, and not a "your" problem! Tell him to "look harder", and toot sweet, cause in 30 days, the locks are changing!
    I used to live in a farmhouse that was old and falling apart. I was a boarder with a woman who was about 60. Her house was also always in need of repairs. But, she had 2 (female)boarders and also rented out her barn for a wood worker to keep his supplise in and use to work in during the summer months. The extra money helped pay for the repairs, and we young women boarders did our fair share of snow shoveling and weeding in exchange for really cheap rent. I LOVED this house and my time there. We all became friends, and often in summer, the artist would join us for dinners on the back porch and we'd have a great evening just chatting. I enjoyed the experience, though I know many people would turn their nose up at it.
    As for not trusting anyone ever, I can go 2 ways here: 1. ah, so true, and I'm so sorry that you're experiencing all of this crap right now! It's so unfair!
    2. Do you trust yourself enough to make the tough decisions (ie, kicking out the lazy renter and putting your foot down about tree sprayer in case he turns out to be a moron?). Often times when something is annoying the crap out of us, the Universe is giggling in the background as we continue to bang our heads against the wall going "hey? Why does this hurt so much anyway? smack, smack, smack".

    Darn that annoying Universe. Why's she/he got to be so smug anyway???

    I hope that the coming week brings the bum-kicking side of you out and kicks up some dirt! Sounds like fun to me! And hey, maybe check the yellow pages for some female handy-ladies!