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What's new? Well, I've been dealing with all that repair stuff and finally found a repair person I think I can trust. So, when I received a letter from Pres Obama saying all us old people were getting a $250 stimulus check, I spent mine on a new front door. It's visible behind the table. My old one was in sad, sad shape. It also let in so much cold air! This winter the wind blew the storm door open and broke the top glass. I just filled it in with plexiglass, insulation and duct taped everything closed. The bad news is that when they replaced the door, I was able to see that my house does not contain any insulation in the walls. They just plastered right onto whatever this block stuff is - or is it tile? They don't even make this stuff any longer. Why didn't I tear this place down? I've put new windows in a place that will never be warm anyway!
I've also been trying to refinish the top of this old antique table. I've used 2 quarts of furniture refinisher and think I'll stop for awhile. I don't want to take it all the way down to the wood and have to restain. I just wanted to even out some of the coats of varnish, and have a shine. I have a table that goes with this yellow bamboo furniture (from the 70's - I keep furniture longer than husbands) but I wanted to use this old elephant leg table from the barn.
We are starting on the second day of rain. I heard on the news that this is the 5th wettest April since way back in the 1800's. With another day left they said we could move up to the 3rd place. No wonder I'm tired of rain.

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