Feng Shui improvement. . . . .

According to Feng Shui your front door is very important. As you can see from the photo above, my door (right)was definitely in need of some improvement. Because this house has a side porch with an entry, this front door was seldom used. Mom often blocked it off entirely and covered it on the inside with drapes. Not a good thing to do. Blocks chi!
I've replaced the door and plan to fix the crack between the porch and the front of the house, add some flowers and a few other touches. So, now that I've made these changes, I'll be looking for some financial improvement in my life here on the farm.
In Feng Shui, chi is life force that is in everything in the Universe and can either contribute to your wellbeing or not. The ideal Feng Shui home is one in which chi can funnel through the front door and meander through the home, nourishing all residents and their life aspirations. For this reason, the front door is called the "Mouth of Chi". All opportunities, in every area of life, funnel through the Mouth of Chi, including opportunities for financial success.

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