Wasted Rummage and Resale Day on Tuesday

 9/10/14 - My preparation for the rummage and resale event was a waste of time.  After setting up, there was only one drive through to even look at my items.  There were a couple other people who stopped to pick up things that were sold on the website by the administrator and that was it!  I will say it has given me the spark to start preparing things for sale.  I also have this idea that herbs and plants are the way to go.  Of course, anything plant related  - planters, wind chimes, flower objects, essential oils, soaps, handmade paper from plants - the list is endless.


Here is a plant I heard called "kiss me over the garden gate."  I need to look up the proper name for this one.  Flowering tops and seeds are available for sale from this plant.  It is a prolific plant and always reseeds and comes up on its own.  There is a good crop of Sweet Annie out by the barn, too.  In fact, I think this area would be a good place for a small garden next year.  It is close to the water and in full sun.

To the left is a wreath I threw together to take to the flea market in hopes that it would inspire some shoppers to buy my perennial plants.  What customers!!!!!! At least I am on a path now.  I still love my stone planters above.  Since I made them, these along with plants, would qualify for participation in the local farmer's markets.  Like I said, I am on a path.  Oh, and jewelry!  Especially my goddess jewelry if it has a name perhaps linked with nature or flowers or moons.  Just thinking out loud here.

NOTE:  I am having a terrible time getting multiple pictures to end up where I want them so I can add text.  I guess I will learn.  That is one reason I do a blog - to keep up on some editing/layout skills.

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  1. After a little research, I discovered the red plant is not Kiss Me Over the Garden Gate. It is Hopi Red Dye Amaranthus. Info I got says it is edible. Not sure if I will be trying this.