Lilu - the cat

9/8/14 - I knew this would happen sooner or later - a cat!  I've been pet free for a couple years and quite content not to own an animal.  Then, my renter in the woods was forced to move.  He tried to find a home for this critter but everyone had a cat, or a dog, or two cats, or animals weren't allowed at his new place.  Well, he just left her....I brought her to my place.  Not at all the kind of cat I would have chosen but I couldn't let her starve.  You know how it goes....sometimes they choose you. 

This cat cannot hide from you.  Every time you walk by she starts purring.  She is the purringest cat I have ever seen.  And, she likes to lick.  Lick feet, lick arms, lick hands, lick, lick, lick!  Then, she discovered how to slide the patio screen door open to let herself in.  That wouldn't be so bad if she would close the door behind her.  She doesn't.  Who knows what else is going to come in behind her...????  I was told she is about 10 years old.  I was also told a lot of people have their cats 18 years!  In that case, she could outlive me!

She had the name Lilu from her previous owner.  I looked it up on the computer.  The first definition I found was:  A lilu or lilû is a masculine Akkadian word for a spirit, related to Alû, demon.    That definition made me a little nervous so I kept looking at meanings.  Next was: While a definitive record hasn't been produced for the actual meaning of Lilu, many believe it's the name of a Chinese psychopath.   Not a lot better!!!!  Then I found the "urban dictionary" and a meaning I am comfortable with: Lilu, the girl of your dreams; all that you could ever hope to ask for 

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