More Plants and Comments: Okra & Common Wormwood,

9/7/2014- OKRA:  To the right is a plant I would like to have more of next year.  It is an Okra Plant, also called Lady Fingers.  I do not eat Okra but enjoy its beautiful yellow flowers. I think I read that it was an aphid deterrent also.  And, if you are tired of your distressed hair, try using okra to get that bounce back. Boil okra with some water and the transparent mucilage that you get can be used to get your bouncy hair back.  The same mucilage can be used as hair conditioner. Wash your hair and squeeze out excess water. Massage the watery mucilage through your hair and rinse thoroughly with water.  Okra is an excellent moisturizer for your dry and itchy scalp. It leaves your hair feeling soft and isn’t harmful like other cosmetics available in the market. It is great for people with unruly, curly and lifeless hair.  Okra improves the overall scalp condition and fights dandruff. It moisturizes your scalp and keeps dandruff away.  Okra, when used as a hair rinse, gives great shine to your hair. You can give your regular conditioner a miss once in a while and take care of your hair the natural way.  I haven't tried this yet.  I originally wanted Okra to dry the pods and use them for a craft project!

Common Wormwood:
Here is another plant growing out by the apartment.   I finally took the time to pay some attention to it and have discovered it is common wormwood.  It has a pleasant odor, I think, but can be used to keep moths away.  Here is some more info on this herb.      I got my original plant when I attended a workshop on medicinal herbs in Brown County Indiana.  Susan Clearwater, RN was the facilitator.  I will have to look her up on the internet and see if she is still working with herbs.  My workshop was before 1995.  Another plant I received at this time was the comfrey, barely visible to the far right in the photo.  Comfrey is another medicinal herb.                                                                                                                    

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