Seeds for Sharing

I visited the Henry County Public Library while taking care of some more title business on Thursday, September 11.  That is a really nice library!  I ran across an area called Shared Harvest.  It contains a skillfully crafted cabinet made by the Hoosier Woodworkers Guild that contains packets of seeds for sharing with the public.  How it works:

Borrow – select seed packets from the seed library (Please limit your family to five packets per month).

Grow – Plant seeds in your garden.

Return – Harvest seeds from your mature plants.  Return new seeds in original Seed Library envelope. 

Well, I got a few packages although I know it is too late to plant them this year.  I have read that Basil seeds stay good for as long as 8 years, so hopefully the seed packages I have will grow next year.   

I have the following seeds:  Dill, Tree Mallow, Nasturtiums, Mustard, Fennel, Fenugreek.


Some great gardening websites were given that I plan to visit often in the coming months:

www.nchcpl.org/seeds - the library website with information about seed-saving, how you can volunteer, and helpful gardening information

www.hoosiergardener.com - Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp is considered the foremost authority on gardening in Indiana.  On her site, she provides “an informed, yet personal take on natural gardening in Indiana and other dirty topics.”

www.hort.purdue.edu/ext/garden_pubs.html - This link from the Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture provides articles about everything from houseplants to landscape management.



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