Sacred Tobacco - Nicotiana Rustica

9/6/14 - I was late getting things planted this year and was afraid my tobacco plant would not have enough time to mature and make seeds.  Looks like it is going to make it! 

I do not plant a lot of tobacco but I like to keep some growing on the farm.  I received my first seeds several years ago. Below is the info passed along to me at the time.  Of course, the internet is full of additional information on Nicotiana Rustica.

Sacred Indian Tobacco

The seeds from the sacred tobacco plant have been passed down for 5 to 6 hundred years.

Start as you would any plant - the seeds are very small.  Transplant to a sunny location.

If you want to produce taller plants with more leaves you will have to remove the flowers that form on the plant.  You can remove the flowers several times but you should stop removing them long before frost is due in order to let the seed pods develop.

If you choose not to remove the flowers the plants will be shorter and have fewer leaves.

In the fall remove the leaves from the stalk, dry thoroughly, then crumble.  Store in and air tight bag or container.

The tobacco is very strong and not suitable for smoking.  It is best to use the sacred tobacco as an offering to honor the Creator.

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