Initial stages of next project. . . .

Yesterday I purchased three bowling balls at a yard sale. I have started gluing pennies to the ball on the right. When I get it covered with pennies, I am supposed to put grout on the ball to fill in the cracks and turn this into a copper yard ornament.
Note: This is a sad day for me because my frail, old, one-eyed cat is not going to make it much longer. This summer she has steadily been loosing weight. Now, she is no longer eating and very weak. I will miss this gentle but fearless yellow cat who brought a little sunshine to the farm. Goodbye, Miss Kitty. - P.S. She passed away a little after 8PM, 7/26/09. :' (

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  1. Oh honey I am sorry to hear about your kitty! My daughter loves kitties, and I must admit I have a soft spot for them too. And good luck with your bowling ball, looks like fun!
    You left such a sweet comment I had to come over and check you out. I will be back, looks like you do some really fun crafts!