Popular Bags from the past. . . .

I have always been a sucker for purses and have quite a collection. I was browsing through a book called Popular Purses: It's in the Bag where I saw this 50's alligator bag listed with a value of $325-$375. Several other purses I have are also listed in this publication. At one time I had them stored in the big barn where it got so hot that one of the plastic (tortoise shell base with amber lid) began to melt. I took it to the house and ran cold water on it but the decomposition couldn't be stopped and that purse, valued at $150-$175, met its demise.

I have a black version of the one on the right. I think it came with some rummage junk I had purchased. I don't know why I even kept it because it definitely is not one that I would think had any value. This leather lunchbox-style purse is listed in the book for $50-$60. So, I guess I had better find where I have stored the purse collection. Of course, just because the book says they are worth something, the trick is finding the collector willing to pay "book" price for them. So, in the meantime, I have a bunch of old purses!

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  1. I'm a bag fanatic too and have one of those vintage alligator bags!