I know there are fairies. . . . .

This young lady offered to be my tour guide at one of the Garden Walk homes. Here she had to pause to play at the Fairy Garden. I had a psychic reader tell me that I used to be a fairy......hmm, now you know why I don't do many readings. He also told me my home in Aurora would be sold by June....Maybe he was just a poor psychic. So, on to my next "fairy" encounter for today. I was listing a 1926 Youth Companion Magazine on my Artfire site, when I came across this poem:
I Know There Are Fairies
by Clinton Scollard
I know there are fairies, because I have seen of them
One who assurredly must be the queen of them!
Down in the garden, not far from the end of it,
Just where the curving path makes a broad bend of it,
As the gold prow of the shalloplike moon came up,
And the sweet voice of the woodthrush in tune came up,
There sat a creature in satin robes shimmery,
Hair like the daffodil glinting and glimmery,
Foxgloves and larkspurs and lilybells bowed to her;
Roses bent low in a radiant crowd to her;
Pansies turned faces upon her beguilingly;
Merry young marigolds greeted her smilingly;
Under the clouds dipped the moon for a minute then;
When it shone clearly the seat had naught in it then;
There were the flowers, each in everyday attitude;
She-----she had flown to some far-away latitude.
Yes, there are fairies, because I have seen of them
One whom I know was the beautiful queen of them!

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