Garden Orb. . . .

Instead of completing my plant labels from twigs, I got a little side-tracked and ended up with this garden orb of grapevine. I probably won't get back to crafting for a few days. Today I am headed for the King Tut exhibit in Indy with my neighbor Ann and her family.

I've also been marking items off my "Things I Don't Want To Do" list. For example, I've made three trips to the dentist (only 1 to go if my last filling doesn't cause any problems), Termites treated at the Aurora property, roof-coated over porches at Aurora, Phone call to prosecutor's office (guy who took off with my $650 is being prosecuted, trial date 8/21/09), eyes tested and new contacts ordered (broke one against the faucet - never done that in the 50 years I've been wearing them). Only have 2 items left: call about repairing (if needed) and summer filling my propane tank and since I received a letter from my insurance company wanting to "talk" with me ----- I know that means an increase in premiums here at the farm!!!! Both of those items are very costly and I can't put them off any longer. That will start my day tomorrow. So don't be surprised if you see a little additional sarcasm in my posts.

Sieze the day!

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