Listing on Ebay

December 15, 2016: It is 5 degrees in Anderson, Indiana today.  I have been keeping myself busy on these cold days by listing things on EBay,  So far, I've had $80 in sales

Listing next are these Pendleton Wool Jackets found in the closet.  I drug out part of my massive button collection in an attempt to find a replacement leather button for one of the sleeve cuffs. Since the top red jacket is not in the best shape, I may list it with one of the others (one with missing button).   Won't that be a deal no one can refuse?

I noticed a vintage L.L. Bean jacket hanging in the barn storage.  I remember my mother wearing that one.  I never thought much of it then, but she always had a good eye for good labels and .......if I don't start wearing it myself, it may be the next item listed.

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