Goodwill: Shop, Donate, Shop, Donate, Shop

I dropped off some things at the Goodwill a couple of days ago.  Of course, I thought I should go in to check selling prices so I could declare the right amount for tax purposes.  While there, I ran across a skirt exactly like this one, at right,  posted on Ebay for $45.00.  The one at the store was a medium, new with tags; the one on Ebay is small, new with tags.  I passed up buying the one at Goodwill.  I am "watching" the one on Ebay. . . so far no bids received.  Click here to view it. I was proud of myself for not buying something to post when I have so much at home,

  I  did purchase a set of 4 silicone lids and discovered that these were originally quite expensive.  They are Charles Viancin Hibiscus like the set shown below.  Mine were only  $3.50; these priced at $40.95.  Top Left is a Vintage Maid divided vegetable dish, brown drip pattern.  I needed that, too!   When I was married way back around 1975, Pflatzgraf Gourmet was the dish type we had.  I am still toting those around to this day and have a cabinet full as well as a lot of pieces in the barn.  Several other companies - Hull and Vintage Maid for two - have a similar brown drip pattern.  That's it a day of shop, donate, shop, donate.

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