Roses from Trader Joe's

2/21/16 - Check out these roses I received from Randy for Valentine's Day.  He got them at Trader Joe's.  Aren't they beautiful.  For the first few days I had them, I had to hide them in the back room at Randy's  because his cat, Jenny, would not leave them alone.  We were afraid they might make her sick since she just wanted to bite/eat them.  Luckily, here it is a week later and they are still beautiful. They opened so BIG!  As big as a peony!

Not much else is new here.  Approaching my last week of treatments.  I have one more brachytherapy session on Thursday.  That knocks me down for a couple days.  I guess it is the anesthesia.  Last week my regular doctor was off and the replacement guy looked like Richard Gere!   My regular doctor who is like a big, black, cuddly Teddy Bear (I really like him) will be back.  I suppose there will be scans and a few more hydrations before I hear how successful the whole course of treatment went.  Then it will be a period of rest and recuperation.  Then it will be Spring and time to get off my lazy patoot and get some work done around this place!!!

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