Coming to an end - treatments and Doodler

2/3/16 - Wednesday, Here is my finished Doodler.  I don't think I need anymore scarves so my next project will be something different --- hat, baby item, something for charity.

In addition to finishing  my Doodler, I am on my (I think)  last week of external radiation with one more on Friday.  Tomorrow I go for my second internal radiation treatment and will have 3 more to follow.  My chemo doctor said one more chemo next week and that may finish that off, too.  I guess I am on the downhill of treatments!  Of  course, radiation stays with you for some time after treatments so it will be a little while before I am back to my old self.   This week started off at Community Hospital where I had stents put in the kidneys.  I had a left stent put in Christmas Eve, it was replaced and a stent put in on the right side also.  That procedure on Monday, plus tomorrow's Brachytherapy (Internal radiation therapy) will make two times this week under anesthesia.  I am beginning to feel the effects!  Here is the little prayer I say when going in for treatments:

Creator, Infinite Spirit, Mother Father God, I request the presence of the Angels and Archangels of Healing, my Reiki guides and forces, and the purest and most holy spiritual guides.  I ask that these energies gather with me at this time to allow this session to be used for the highest good and healing of __me__.  Thank you for this guidance.  Amen.

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