Sweets for the sweet.......sweet workers

Sunday, June 15, 2015 - Here is a picture of the break room where I work.  On weekends we are often provided with treats from the bakery.  Today there were piles and piles of cupcakes.  We often have doughnuts (mostly the plain yeast)  There and sometimes bananas or apples.  One day this month we were treated to a hamburger/hot dog buffet with chips, cookies, soft drinks and veggie trays.  They did however take away a rack that was provided for employees to store their lunch totes.  They also took out a water cooler and one of the vending machines.  As long as they leave us some chairs, I think I can get by.

It is raining here again.  I am on cat duty for the next four days.  I feed Randy's outside cats morning and night as well as make sure they are tucked in the garage safe from the coyotes at night.  I will be letting them out in the morning and collecting the mail and papers.  And, of course, checking on his inside cat, Jenny.  Since its summer and hot I must add plant watering to my house sitting duties.  I am a professional at that.  It is, after all, what I do at Wal-Mart. :)

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