Good Day on Monday - 6/16/15

Monday 6/15/15 - I often post about the daily troubles and challenges I have.  Today is all about a good day.  After letting my vacationing friend's cats out early on Monday, I decided to head into Anderson and have one of the free doughnuts offered to Prime Timers at the local casino.  I had a deposit to make at the bank but it wasn't opening for about an hour.  To make a long story short I played my weekly money, hit a handpay jackpot and via a summer fun jackpot coupon received an additional $100 slot play that netted additional wins!  I had Fed Taxes ($306) and In Taxes ($41) withheld from my $1221 jackpot.  I played my $100 slot play and collected more winnings..........After paying the taxes, I had a total of an additional $1,600 to add to my original bank deposit!  My treat to myself was this bag of  Therapy Soak Epsom Salt. 

The extra money came in handy this month for my quarterly supplemental health insurance policy ($459) my tractor maintenance bill ($455) and my check for 500 gallon @ $1.49  ($810) to prepay propane and lock in a price for next winter.  Yikes...............I still have monthly utilities and a vet bill of $150 for boarding Lulu while in New Orleans.....Now you see why I got a job at Wal-Mart.

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