New Orleans Trip - Looking Back

6/11/15 -  It has been some time ago that I went to New Orleans, almost a month!  I did want to make a quick post describing the time share where we stayed.  I guess pictures would be ideal.  I only took a couple pictures all the while we were there.  I didn't want to have a camera to keep track of and my cell phone takes pretty lousy shots.  So, here is a link . New Orleans' French Quarter has the Quarter House, a luxury suite resort in the heart of the Vieux Carre. The building was designed by renowned New Orleans architect James Gallier in 1831. In 1983, it underwent historical renovation. Enjoy all of the resort's atmosphere, the French Quarter, Aquarium of the Americas, and many historic buildings and museums. Walk along the Mississippi River or enjoy exciting nightlife and an evening cruise. Resort amenities include a tropical courtyard with a wading pool.

Some personal observations:  The French Quarter is crumbling and smells!  You had to watch every step because most of the sidewalks were in need of repair.  Perhaps that is why people walk down the middle of the streets.  I loved all the antique shops.  Items were museum quality.  How do those owners sleep when there is notice of a possible hurricane?  More reason to enjoy the simple life, get rid of STUFF.  I remember having a dream about a tornado coming.  I went to the basement.  I was thinking " I sure am glad I had that auction and sold all those cars.  I don't have to worry about them."  Of course, I still have  a barn full of "items" that need to go.  As I get older and realize I will never do anything with that stuff, I believe it will be easier to let it all go.  I often have the thought:  If you died right now, you won't be taking any of this with you...........................

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