Mushrooms. . . . . again!

Mushrooms. . . . . . again! That's right. It's still going on. Here's my son again with a couple of his largest. Finally, a year when I've got more than I'll eat. John Michael says the best way to save them is just let them dry, put them in a plastic bag, then soak them in water for a day or so before you use them. Freezing makes them mushie. I have a few I will try the dehydrating with this year.

Update on "it's a wonderful life" here on the farm. First of all, the man the neighbors recommended because he did such a good job for them, did take off with the $650 I gave him to begin work and replace the pump. I called the sheriff, have been to the prosecutors office to file charges. Here's what they said: they will investigae but the prosecutor will probably throw it out......he didn't steal enough money from me. I can take him to small claims court (filing there will be another $75 and chances are he won't be able to pay me) My renter did see this guy at the gas station and called the cops. His name is James Puffenbarger, don't hire him! - The cops talked to Puffenbarger and told him to call me and make arrangements to pay me back......do you think he called? Not! In addition to the $650 Puffenbarger stole (I could have had a nice flat screen TV or new mower or little ATV to chase people off the farm). - that little plumbing job cost another $800 labor, and $700+ for pump, lines, and that tank thingy. I have got to start wearing my baseball cap again. I say I wear that to cover up the S-T-U-P-I-D that must be written across my forehead!

Now, on to my next problem........I haven't been able to mow because of the constant rain. Today I went out and I can't get the big John Deere started. I used it once earlier this year to mow the woods so I'm hoping I left the key on or something simple. The battery light doesn't come on but it says in the book to call your John Deere dealer if that happens. I shudder to think what this will cost. I put a trickle charger on over night and have my fingers crossed that it will work this morning.

I guess I could always have a U-pick mushroom farm to raise money to get my mowers, weedeaters and tractor going.

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