Like attracts like. . . . .

I received an apple tree and a cherry tree for Mother's Day. Now, the task of deciding where to put them. I hope to get them planted within the next couple of days but it'll have to be a place where I won't be walking on and mowing over apples. The walnut trees present enough of a mowing problem in the fall. There is one peach tree on the farm and I always look forward to that harvest. In fact, I don't think one peach was left unpicked last year.

I said like attracts like because last year I had 20 acres of trees planted in a farm conservation wetland program They've been kind of a pain in the - well, actually the whole body and the pocketbook! Lots of weeding, mowing, and this year the $1,600 spray bill! I do get paid per acre for participating in the program for the next 10 years but often wonder if it will be worth it. I obviously won't live long enough to see these hardwood trees sold. I guess they are for future generations and keeping the planet healthy in the meantime. I've done my "green thing."

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