Time for New Beginnings

3/20/2017 - I haven't been on blogger for a long time.  My internet through AT&T is working pretty good and I have been doing several listings on EBay.  Some of my latest sales included a Crow Loop Necklace I made when I lived in Friendship, Indiana. I think it was 1995 when I left there so it has been stuck in a drawer for around 20 years.  It certainly is time to start getting rid of things around here. 

I entitled this entry Time for New Beginnings.  I think it is also time to see about going back to work.  Several reasons for this....................... I believe there is some truth to the old Proverb The Devil finds work for idle hands to do"

I would love just to start working.  I hate the job application process.  I also still have this health thing where I need to go in for Kidney stents every 3 months.  That could be a problem.


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