Agenda - Mannequin Repair

March 22, 2017 - Plans for this year include refurbishing some mannequins from the barn.  I have been going around and gathering parts; i.e. fingers, arms, wigs.  This article from the Mannequin Queen has a lot of information and I think I will give it a try.  Also, all are in need of a little wig restyling. 

WHile researching this subject I ran across some other ideas of things to do with dress forms.  Such as the Christmas tree above. . . . and there are many more just a Google away!  I have a small dress form in my living room now.  I use it to hang some handmade jewelry, an old hat - and mostly top off the wooden piece my mother used as a stand for an Indian bust she had.  Mom did go through the Indian stage........I have lots of artifacts to show for that.   The amazing thing about those is that she found most of them right here on the farm!  In addition to finding them, she numbered, logged the date and field found, mounted them on poster board and displayed them !  I am still dealing with this 6 foot showcase in a tiny bedroom that I now use as my office.  One more note on the wooden stand - it is actually a part of the railing from the old Anderson, Indiana Court house that was torn down.  I am showing this dress form here and adding a note that a dear friend, Kenny Criswell, gave me this. 

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