Junking Finds. . . . . . . .3/31/17

March 31, 2017 - I was out and about last Wednesday when I ran across this artsy lamp.  He is ceramic and VERY heavy.  The bowl he is holding has holes and light bulbs so the light filters down on him.  I actually loved this guy!  However, I did not buy him. His price was only $49.99, less 30% senior discount + 7% tax  or approx. $38.  I am not sure he would have even fit in my car was reason #1 that I didn't buy him.  Reason #2 was I decided that it is time to stay out of my savings and adhere to a budget which in the very near future includes taxes and more taxes.
There is only one other time I remember really remember regretting not making a Goodwill-find purchase.  It was a really nice, large leather backpack - $4.99.  They are truly back in style now and I think about that every time I go into a Goodwill.  Of course, I have made a lot more purchases I regret than vice versa.

Also shopping the local Emporium Flea Market, I ran across this Oster "DoAll" mixer.  It is exactly like the one my mother left and I use now.  Mine is the great Harvest Gold color of the what...70,s?  This one was priced at $75.  Not all that bad of a price considering a new KitchenAid is +$300 now!  I think that is crazy!  Yesterday I ran across the manual for my mixer. 

In my quest to stay within budget, I applied for some jobs.  Yes, I think I am ready to return to work if someone will have me.  Last week I chopped, chopped, chopped my hair........a definite indication that I have too much time on my hands.

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