Orbs again........

I got a new digital camera around Christmas time last year. Prior to that, my old camera was quite the trickster. Orbs were constantly showing up in my photos. With the new camera, that phenomena seemed to stop. . or only rarely did an orb show up. I was to the place that I thought it IS just moisture and camera settings that create these in the pictures. Today, I was snapping a few pictures of my Sacred Woman Quilt, on a whim I said, "If there are any orbs present, let them show up in my picture." The result is posted above. When I looked at the picture on the camera view, I didn't see them. When I downloaded to the computer.....there they are...floating all around the top of the photo. Most obvious one is on the left corner of armoire. They continue across the top of the room. This is the room I sleep in.

So, I guess, if you want orbs, ask for them.

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