Creation - Center Square Sacred Woman Quilt

A quick posting of the first square made for my Sacred Woman Quilt. This one is in the center of the quilt and contains my symbols for Creation. I will be adding what the symbols mean to me later, i.e. the meaning of the Man in the Maze/labyrinth, Sun, Moon & 7 Stars, Black hole in the center, Red beads around the center, etc. For now I just wanted to post the picture to get me started on recording the info of my quilt.

The symbols:

One of the first things you will notice about my entire quilt is that each square contains a circle. That started with this square, the creation square. The circle, it is the encompass-ment of the all, the ancients had this knowledge as they used the circle to signify God, the almighty creator as well as the sun for the giver of life on earth. The circle is complete and infinite, it represents all creation and the infinite creator. In the centre of the circle a dot appears, this addition symbolized the earth in the universe or the sun in the solar system. These are the very beginnings to all cosmologic understandings, belief systems and philosophies that we find today across the world. So, I started my quilt with a circle........
The center dot of my circle is black. Black to represent the VOID, also referred to as where we come from. The darkness in the center also represents the womb, the red beads surrounding it represent the menstrual blood and women's ability to create and give life. (It is a course on Moontime Teachings and Sacred Woman.)

As you will see, there is a lot of meaning worked into the quilts created at these teachings. When you are open and paying attention to the spiritual side of your life, these messages, signs and symbols will come. I am not certain why I used seven stars but that is what I felt. Also, they represent the possiblity of coming from space, a higher dimension. Some things took there place on the quilt from the subconscious. The labyrinth is known as a seven circuit labyrinth. I added the sun and the moon to represent male and female energy.


  1. This is so beautiful! I love it!!

  2. I am just stunned by your "Creation - Center Square Sacred Woman Quilt" pictured above. First of all it is very lovely. I do an alternative healing process called Resonance Repatterning, and in one of the more mystical 'repatternings' a drawing is constructed with concentric circles and symbols placed on the circles to heal the dissonant pattern. Some of the drawings look very similar to your creation! Your quilt must be very healing. Is there a picture of it somewhere?

    Thanks for sharing this picture.

  3. Hi Carolyn,
    Thanks for your comment. I will post a picture of the quilt. I absolutely loved this class. We had a ceremony when the quilts were completed and were asked to tell what we learned during this process. As I was laying mine out, piecing it together and looking over the squares, I could hear myself saying: "I wish I had done this or I could have done that, I should have done so and so, etc" Then, all of a sudden I heard, "You did the best you could with what you knew at the time" ------ a quote from Oprah! Ha. The funny thing is, I had never liked that quote. I felt like, "surely those people know better than to do some of the things they do." But, now I understand.