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Here is the pot/container I fashioned during this part of the Sacred Woman teachings. It represents the idea that the womb is a container.

Through the use of fire, women created pottery. Pottery is the art of transformational process by mixing special kinds of earth with water, in specific proportions, molding it into a specific shape, and then firing it. The oldest found pottery dates from the late seventh millenium BCE. From the pottery decorations came written language.

The pots were sacred to women because the pots represented the womb of all life. We are as those pots - the life giver.

Sacred Woman teachings on Food and the Sacred Kitchen Fire contuinued:
Our grandmother's kitchen was where women sat around the stove and worked out and balanced their lives and relationships. Today, as we sit around our kitchen tables and offer a cup of tea to a friend who needs a listening ear, we turn our kitchens into healing centers. The tools we use are the kitchen utensils, stove (fire) , foods, herbs, and spices. The foods, herbs, and spices nourish bodies, minds, and spirits. Remember, as we "stir the pot" we put our vibration into the food. It is important to be in a prayerful place while preparing food.

Make your kitchen sacred as you and your family and friends gather around the Sacred Kitchen Fire for fire is held sacred to the Moon Mother daughter of the Eternal Earth Grandmother/Mother. It is the tool of all tools. Fire helps us prepare and conserve foods. Fire is the critical tool of the alchemical process. By taking the water and heating it and adding the herbs to the hot water, one can extract the essence of the herb for healing. Over 95% of the world's current health care medicine's used in the remedies of today, according to the World Health Organization, were provided by the ancient woman.

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