Mini gourd. . . . .

This is a photo of a mini gourd wood burned by one of our members, Indiana Gourd Artist Joe Lee. This mini gourd is a ball-shaped egg gourd, an ornamental. It is about 1 3/8 inches tall and 1 3/8 inches wide. It is all wood burned and cute! It will make someone a nice little necklace! It will be a prize at this future event Raffle Gourds. I have posted it here to illustrate the talent present at the gourd meeting I attended. Regretfully, I did not take any pictures although I had my camera. I don’t know these people very well (yet) and was a little embarrassed to start snapping pictures. I wish I had.......probably will throw embarrasment to the wind the next time and snap away because I missed some nice photos.
The lady who hosted the party had a really beautiful yard. There was an orchard, a fountain (she made it by pressing huge rhubarb leaves in cement), a pristine garden, a section with big, natural rocks, metal kitchenware filled with plants, an old metal glider and lawn chairs . . . many special touches. Later she took us in the house to show her collection of gourds. I would love to have taken a few photos of those, too.
There were only 10 people present at the meeting. Several tools were available to be tried out and gourd shards were provided for crafting a name tag. Emphasis was on woodburning. Joe Lee who crafted the above mini gourd attends the Pendleton patch meetings and is kind enough to offer his help. He is quite an accomplished artist (more examples of his work can be seen under photos 2008 State Fair at this site Indiana Gourd Society - online Emily Wallace, our hostess, is shown here, too). Lee suggests using a variable controlled wood burner (I don't have one of these). He has offered to teach members how to size a geometric pattern and transfer it to a gourd for wood burning at the next meeting. I love the little miniature gourds he creates.
Note: The underlined red items are links to some interesting pictures.

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