Crafty driftwood. . . . .bugs, leaks, etc

I've been to Aurora again for a couple days for dental appointment and to check on the property. Bad news there. I noticed a roof leak over an overhang - not a shingled roof, but one of those metal covered with black goop. I thought it might be something I could fix myself....probably still will whenever it quits raining! But while investigating this....I notice that the termites I had treated the house for a couple of years ago, are back. They love the wet spot created by the leak. So, I had the pest man out and for .........$720 he will solve the problem! The aggravating thing is - last year I had the house pressure washed. I really think the goofballs pressure washed the old black goop off these porch areas causing the leaks! Guess I will just have to deal with it and hopefully get the house back on the real estate market. I don't do many psychic readings......but last year in connection with a medicine wheel reading - I asked this supposedly psychic guy about my house selling. He said, "Oh, don't worry about that. It will be sold by June....." I guess I had better get it back on the market if that is to happen.
As for the picture, there are two of these driftwood planters on a building in downtown Aurora. I like things made from driftwood and have brought several pieces back that I have collected along the river. I love to go driftwood hunting. The last time I did that I also found a book "Secret Societies" and a pair of pretty nice sunglasses. It's been too rainy of late to even get my work done - spraying, weeding, etc. There is also a bike trail close by and I hope to use it a time or two this summer.

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