Composting - worm farm . . . .

This is my shoebox worm farm. My neighbor, Ann, and I attended a program on composting at the Middletown library. About 30 people were present and we all made these mini compost boxes. I have to admit it was kind of fun. The lady who did the presentation was from the Waste Management District, New Castle. She was encouraging everyone to recycle their yard waste . . . . and just recycle everything. She quoted a lot of facts and figures.....I have forgotten the exact numbers, but I know yard waste was way up there percentage wise (70% +)in what is contained in dumps.

For attending, we will receive a free compost bin....they are supposed to call us when they come in......will have to post that later. We also got pencils, note pads and packets of flower seeds in addition to 4 fat red worms for our compost pile. I do remember she said to check our boxes in a couple days; we would have a lot more worms. I had no idea worms multiplied that fast.

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