Now, just follow through. . . .

Okay, time to knuckle down and really get something done. I've been floating along, waiting for rain, waiting for my house to sell, waiting for interest rates to go up, waiting, waiting. . . . . . . Today I've made some plans. Although I've begun to recognize that I am a better planner than doer, I'm giving myself another chance. Here's my "To Do List" for today:

  1. Plug in digital camera batteries, prepare to take some pictures for my blog and post them.
  2. Weed around the barn.
  3. Start on Dr. Atkins diet.
  4. At least look at repairing the gutter on the barn.
  5. Identify and label two herbs on the farm.
  6. Clean the apartment and prepare at least one stone layout for tomorrow's meeting.
  7. Shut the TV off and listen to my dream recall tape at bedtime.
  8. Do at least one round of the Dance of the Four Directions.
  9. Go to the store and purchase necessary food for Atkins so I won't be tempted to screw up.
  10. Talk to my renter about getting his payment in earlier. Remind him that most people pay in advance for the month. Not six weeks after the first of the month.......I need to discuss a few more things with him but if I get this first one accomplished the rest will roll out of my mouth.........I will call him if he doesn't show up today with the August rent.

That's it......my "To Do List" for today. Better get started.

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