Just wishing. . . .

I live on a farm. In the spring I can't find any mushrooms on my own property because soooo many "citibirds" (I made that word up, you know, kind of the same thing as a snowbird) are back there hunting them. Where all these people come from or why they think it's okay to take the property owners mushrooms is beyond me. This year, there were so many people milling around back there, deer were running across the fields all day long. Oh, the citibirds will be hunting them, too.

Our recent winds from IKE blew down a lot of walnuts. It's not a good thing for the mower and buckets of them have to be picked up before mowing. While doing this chore, I kept thinking, "Wouldn't it be nice if all those "citibirds" who pick my mushrooms and hunt the deer, would get as excited about walnuts and pick these darn things up?"

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  1. It is pathetic that people use your property as if they own it. Tis time to shed the toolbelt on your waist and begin packing a pair of 6 guns!! Millie