Spirit Fest 2008

I attended Spirit Fest at Camp Chesterfield yesterday and will be going back today. I just want to note on this post that consultation with the stone man, Tom Benedict, resulted in his recommendation for me to connect with the following stones: Orange Calcite, Brecciated Jasper, Magnetite and Epidote. At an energy healing received at a Cincinnati show, he recommended Pink Kunzite. I have all of these stones and wear the pink kunzite most of the time.

I've been wanting a piece of ($8.00)Moldavite and got one. It is suitable for wire wrapping and I will work on that next week. I also purchased ($6.50) Chiastolite/Andalusite which is brown with a natural cross formation - a Christ connection stone.

I also entered their Whimsical Art Show. Since there were only three entries (it pays to be ambitious) and there are three prizes - I think I'll win something! First Prize is $100, Second is $50 and Third is $35............. We were supposed to take a common household item and decorate it. I entered with a whimsical water spigot like the one at this link http://craftbuff.blogspot.com/2007/06/whimsical-water-spigot.html I did get my camera charged up, so maybe I'll get a photo of the 3 entries posted tomorrow.

This morning I found a wonderful website with lots of info on stones http://www.shimmerlings.com/gemstones.htm I am listing it here for future reference.

I also attended the Aretha Franklin concert at Hoosier Park. I enjoyed the old favorites like Respect, Natural Woman.

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