Hot Process Soap

7/25/16 - My soap from Sunday 7/24 is finished and pictured here.   I am going to let it dry and hopefully  it will harden a little more.  Right now it is still a little soft for my liking.  I decided to get a bigger slow cooker because I didn't want to worry about runover while cooking and the lye was still caustic.  I think it was a good decision because at one point the foamy, cooking soap almost reached the top of my new 7 quart cooker.

For some of the olive oil in this batch I used the olive oil from my herbal salve making.  Blog entry here.

I already have my next recipe picked out.  It is available on the internet here.  I have posted the recipe on my blog 7/26/16.   I will use the remainder of my herbal olive oil for this batch.

NOTE:  I have been having all kinds of computer connection problems   I also couldn't get my blog entries to save, edit or update.  Some of the links have not been working because I couldn't get them to update.I am working on getting things fixed.  Hope this entry has been edited.

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