Crock Pot Soap Making - Hot Process

7/23/16 -  I have made soap a couple different times.  It has been some time ago and I am ready for more so I spent the day gathering up all the supplies I need to make a batch of hot process slow cooker soap.  I even purchased a Crock Pot to use from the Goodwill store for only $3.99.  The last time I made hot process soap I cooked it in the oven,  It is too hot here now to run the oven and I like the idea of using a crock pot.   I would have preferred a 5 qt cooker but I think this 4 qt (128 oz) cooker will work.  The ingredients I am using total 93 oz.  Total cost for this batch around $20.  Here are the ingredients:

32 oz lard ($3.58)
10 oz Canola ($1.99)
  4 oz Coconut Oil ($2.00)
10 oz Olive Oil (leftover from healing salve ???)
21 oz Distilled Water ($ . 89)
7.2 oz Lye (204 g on the scale) ($5.97)
Essential Oil ($???)

Using the .Lye Calculator at MMS Sage I came up wiith 21 ounces water and to stay in the 5% to 8% excess fat range for lye - 7.2 to 7.5 oz.  These figures are consistent with a recipe called Down Home & Broke Soap, pg 99 of Handcrafted Soap by Delores Boone.

Original Down Home & Broke Soap
32 ounces (909 g) lard or tallow
24 ounces (682 g) canola,  corn, sunflower, safflower or any combination of these four vegetable oils
21 ounces (596 g) distilled water
7.2 ounces (204 g) lye

Quote from the book: When using a slow cooker to make the recipes in this book, make sure it measures 5-6 quarts and has a low-heat setting.  Keep in mind that all slow cookers heat differently, and the length of time the soap cooks may differ. - I guess  I will be getting a different cooker tomorrow.  I don't want a batchful of lye active soap running over. :(

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