The Doodler

1/7/16 - At left is a picture of my WIP knitting project.  It is another Stephen West Mystery Shawl.  I waited until the others were finished with their shawls to begin mine so I would know what to expect.  I still didn't get the colors I wanted.  I thought the Zauberball would be really bright.  The colors, although bold, are more of a drab intensity.  I also wanted bright gold or a turquoise for accent colors.  Not available in the $11 yarn price range.  So, I settled for a teal blue, a red and a black.  Like I said, it is still not turning out as expected.

This picture is my PIC line.  I must admit the nurse who put it in was wonderful.  The dangly things get in the way but I can still knit and type!  My first chemo was yesterday.  It included several other drugs; i.e. steroid, Benadryl, and the cisplatin, something to hydrate me and God knows what else, Oh, something for nausea.   The good news is, it hasn't really bothered me...... the only noticeable effect other than being sleepy is my cheeks are red and feel flushed.  The nurse said the steroid would do that.  I only do this once a week, so maybe I will make it.

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