PIC in place.........

1/5/16 - Today I had my first radiation treatment.  I went directly over to the emergency room to have my new "buddy" the PIC Line inserted.  Actually, it wasn't too bad.  In fact, the assistant named Kelli kept my mind occupied during the insertion with her love life stories. Quite interesting how she came home from work one day to find her husband of 30 years had moved out, marriage over.  It has a happy ending.  She got the 4500 square foot home and a little over 2 years later she is remarried to a man 16 years younger.  She even had pictures of their wedding on the beach!

I was told the chemo drug irritates the smaller veins so they send the drug thru a larger artery   ------ AND STRAIGHT TO THE HEART!  I can't say this sounds like a good idea but I guess that is the way they do it.

Below are pictures of flowers I received when in the hospital 12/24/15 for the kidney stent!  They are very pretty, still blooming and make things a little cheerier even now, days later.  The yellow and white roses are from my son.  The pretty tinted carnations and bird of paradise came from a dear friend and her daughters.

Anyway...........I also ran into a neighbor at the store.  Seems my other neighbor's husband had a heart attack last night.  Several of his stents are blocked but evidently all  is going well now because he will probably be sent home tomorrow.

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