Love the store BUCKLES

2/13/15 - I haven't been posting because
my computer has been running badly.  I
spent almost 2 hours at the library updating
yesterday.  I did 14 updates, restarted and
was notified I had 2 more available.  I'm
sure this is a problem for everyone!!!  Constant
updating.  I can hear my computer whirring, searching,
running in the background now.  Looking over every
click I make so they can send my ADS - sell, sell, sell.

I did go out exploring on Monday.  I
ended up at the Muncie Mall where I found a
shop called Buckles.  I loved their clothes and
Jewelry.  Of course, it had a southwestern
flair.  I know I belong out West!

At right are a couple of the pieces I liked.
They also have crystals and rough stones
thrown in.............perfect.  If I were 30 years younger
I would love to have some of the clothes they offer.

The weather here is COLD.  . . .around 20, much
colder with the wind chill.  Predicting another 3 or
more days of this stuff.  I am taking care of Randy's
cats while he is in Daytona --------- cold there, too.
I wouldn't even want to go out if it weren't for
feeding and checking on the critters.

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