Materials and Background Info

Creating a Sacred Woman Quilt

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers made quilts in a private mind, heart and hand meditation, or in a circle of women friends and relatives. It has always been a womens’ ritual. Pieces of cloth of different patterns and colors were sewn together to unify them into one tapestry. They were sewn together over conversations which created a spirit of togetherness. We sew ourselves into a tapestry as we heal ourselves with each stitch. As we embrace new pieces of consciousness in our journey through the gateways we gathter ourselves into a cloth of unity.

This is a ritual of beginnings and endings, linking one piece of cloth, one piece of self, to the whole by hand and spirit.

After the shawl/quilt is completed, sew a silver or grey strip of cloth completely around the edges of your shawl or quilt as a border. You then may choose to applique’ a patch of silver or grey on all the other colors to represent the overarching of Divine Spirit.

1) Observe what signs and symbols appear in your life. How do these signs and symbols represent you as a Sacred Woman? Collect items you wish to sew onto your shawl or quilt.

2) As you sew, meditate on thoughts of wellness in your life, stitch the thoughts and your highest vision of yourself into your design with prayerfulness.

3) The first color goes into the center. The other colors surround your center. The last thread is sewn as you leave that particular gateway.

Materials needed:
Material (preferably cotton, linen, silk, wool) squares in the following colors: 1-light blue or light blue with some white; 2-yellow; 3-brown; 4-orange; 5-green; 6-purple; 7-red; 8-white; 9-midnight/indigo blue. Gold material for trim around the 9 squares. Silver or grey for backing/border.

Notes on Colors:
Gold represents ceremony.
Grey or silver stands for spirit. It is a mixture of black and white.

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