Soapmaking . . . .

Well, I need to add another $25 to the cost of soapmaking. I had borrowed the above book by Delores Boone from the Aurora library. On the way home there was a leaky gallon of water on the floor next to the bookbag and to make a long story short, the book soaked up lots of water. It was damaged. When I showed the librarian what happened, she thought I needed to buy it. So, okay there goes $25. But I like the book and I had already tried to find it online and take them a replacement. Much to my surprise Amazon is showing 2 copies of this out of print book for $100!!!!! Maybe I can list it on Ebay after I finish my soapmaking or become bored with the process and no longer need the info.

I have made three batches of soap: hot process, cold process and another process where old scraps were thrown in and hot process continued. Kind of fun. I'm still looking for a source for Palm Kernel oil other than Ebay where shipping is more than the product. I have the name of a shop in Metamora to check out, the Smelly Gourmet, that might offer this and other soapmaking supplies. Next trip to Aurora, I will make this little detour.
Enjoy this lovely Fall day.

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